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"Tread Water" is a song by Kailee Morgue. It was released on November 3rd, 2016.


Trying to be stagnant in a system that's consistent
Looking for the bigger picture in a pitch black room

It's, treading water
It's treading water

And the day that I die is the day I leave this rotting body
Get reborn into another and play this shit on repeat
Like I'm a philosopher repping for Lucifer got a frequency so high it's hot as hell in my mind
But evil ain't real
It's all ego
It's just me though
But you're still sippin' that poison

And it's treading water
It's just treading water

So how's your vision with just two eyes?
Said you don't like the truth well I'm not surprised
Cuz how the fuck is't gon' change
If you refuse to grow and you stay the same

You'll be treading water
Treading water