Kailee Morgue Wiki

PressPLAY OK is a British music blog. They did an interview with Kailee Morgue in January of 2018.


If Sound of 2018 lists were governed solely by internet traction, Kailee Morgue would be top of every list. The young gal took blogs and social media by storm last year; today she releases her Medusa EP (which you can stream below) and it’s full of goth-tinted pop jams that have made her name what it is today. We’ve been lucky enough to catch her for a quick Q&A before her stardom becomes fully cemented…

First musical memory? The first musical memory that I had was actually when I was in about second or third grade. There was a recital that all of the kids had to perform in and I was chosen to do a solo in front of hundreds of people, which made me realize I just wanted to sing as a career and forever really.

First album you ever bought? My family usually had so many CDs around I didn’t need to purchase any but when I was 17 I got my first car and I had to go out and buy ‘By the Way’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a Grateful Dead CD that I still have!

Describe your vibe in three words (but then do tell us a bit more about Discovery, our favourite on the EP). Ethereal, creepy, mystical. Discovery had that perfect mix of magic and sweetness while still being dark and kind of creepy which has become kind of a trademark of mine.

You’ve had an unprecedented reaction in such a short space of time. How do you deal with so much sudden attention? The amount of feedback and love I’ve received is way more than I could have asked for. The attention itself isn’t something that overwhelms me, I really just try to make sure my supporters know how much I appreciate them.

Has it affected the way you approach music or write songs? Honestly yes. When I started writing it was more about myself and coping with everything in my life, now it’s become more about writing other people’s stories and being a voice for those that can’t express themselves.

What are your inspirations, musical and otherwise? Gwen Stefani is my obvious top choice, I absolutely adore her music and style especially in the 90s. I also take inspiration from Hayley Williams, and Stevie Nicks, not only in music but lifestyle choices.

Any guilty pleasures, musical or non? Sometimes when I’m in a certain mood I’ll go listen to this playlist full of throwbacks. I’m talking old Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne and Owl City.

What’s next for Kailee Morgue? I’ve just released the EP and there’s definitely more to follow. I’ll also start doing live performances which I’ve never done so that’ll be fun!

And finally, the question we ask everyone: Favourite Beyonce song?

“Sorry” – you can’t NOT like that song, it gets you moving and makes you feel confident.