Kailee Morgue Wiki

Highsnobiety is an American streetwear blog, media brand, and production agency. They did an interview with Kailee Morgue in August of 2018.


After taking a quick glance at one of Kailee Morgue’s posts on Instagram, you’ll probably write her off as some sort of crossbreed between goth and punk. The Phoenix native doesn’t really have a specific aesthetic when it comes to style, describing her selection process as waking up and throwing on thrifted clothes. There’s no denying that she’s interesting on the surface, but this isn’t the only reason that people follow her every move.

Before Morgue even dropped her breakout single “Medusa” last year, the demo version of the song went viral on Twitter. Even then, she was able to draw listeners in with the alluring sound of her soft, playful voice spitting out a range of dark topics like heartbreak, depression, anxiety, and other insecurities on top of slow-building beats. Since then, the 20-year-old has made her major label debut on Republic Records with the Medusa EP.

Today, we’re premiering an edgy new single called “Siren.” Similar to some of her earliest work, the inspiration for the track was birthed out of her fascination with Greek mythology. “In the song I’m kind of luring in my love interest with my voice as a siren would,” she said. “It’s very sexy, yet sinister and unsettling.”

Can you recall your earliest memory of music?

I have a lot of early memories of music, so it’s hard to pin it down to one thing. I remember going on camping trips and my dad would bring his guitar, and we’d sing random songs. Sometimes I’d fall asleep listening to Alison Krauss when I was really young. Given that you’re an introvert at heart and deal with anxiety, how did you become more confident as a singer? (Side note: I’m an INFJ so I can relate.)

I’m an INFP, we should be friends, but I think I’m still working on my confidence as a singer. Sometimes it gets really hard to interact with people and feel good about the things I create. I have a lot of amazing reassuring people around me and staying grounded in the mindset of absolutely not caring what anyone thinks has been important for me. How were you able to maintain stability and stay focused after experiencing viral attention for your debut single?

I knew if I made the right moves after that, that I could really create music full time and that was enough for me to stay focused. How did you end up with the nickname “morgue mami”?

I remember trying to find one word that I really liked to somehow incorporate into my name and “Morgue” just seemed so cool to me. I always think people probably assume I make some metal music based off my name and style. What is the last tattoo you got?

The last tattoo I got was technically this Taurus symbol I got on my finger for my boyfriend. That same day I also got the word “lover” on my wrist. They’re the only red tattoos I have so they kind of correspond in that way. What type of impression are you hoping to make on your fans? What do you try to communicate through your music?

I think I want my fans to look at me like my friends and family do, I want to be completely transparent and show them the not so pretty things that not everyone talks about. Through my music I try to talk about these things too. Writing music has always been communicational for me. I talk about what’s bothering me. It’s a form of venting, and sometimes I happen to end up releasing it. What’s next for you? Anything else you’d like to add?

I have a lot of shows coming up, which I’m so excited for since I’ve only ever played a few. Lots of new music and new visuals. I actually directed my last video, which was so cool for me to have complete creative control. I can’t wait for everyone to see it. ALSO, I’m a cancer, so that explains why I’m basically a raincloud personified.


  • "Siren" was released one day early on this interview.